September 10, 2021
Popular South Korean Wallet D'CENT Adds Stacks Support, Offers Biometric Hardware and iOS/Android Options
by Louise Ivan on September 10, 2021
Today, the Stacks Korea Chapter is pleased to share that popular South Korean wallet provider, D'CENT, has added support for Stacks (STX). D'CENT allows STX holders to send, receive, or store STX as well as manage their private keys across two different crypto wallets: a biometric wallet and a software wallet. D'CENT also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS where users can seamlessly manage their STX holdings on the go.

With crypto interest at an all-time high in Korea, this integration expands the ways Koreans can engage with the network and the Stacks asset. The Stacks Korea Chapter is to thank for their integral role in promoting the promise of Stacks' Bitcoin-extending technology to the Korean community. They paved the way for this exciting integration and continue to drive broader growth of the user-owned internet in one of the most fervent, regulated markets in the world.

In the near future, Koreans can look forward to Stacking on D'CENT which will allow STX token holders to regularly earn BTC rewards by locking and holding STX tokens for the purposes of supporting the network's security. These 'Stackers' have consistently earned more than 10% APY, paid in Bitcoin since the launch of Stacks 2.0 in January. Users can also look forward to managing other upcoming token assets offered on the Stacks platform, such as Arkadiko($DIKO), Miami Coin ($MIA), Bitfari ($FARI), and more.

Stacks support is live now. D'CENT can be downloaded for Android and iOS; interested users can learn more about D'CENT at
About D'CENT wallet
D'CENT Wallet was founded by IoTrust, a specialist & security experts with over 20 years of security know-how and engineering experience in the development of deeply embedded security solutions. Their mission is to protect their customer's digital assets through D'CENT Hardware Wallet, which is a combination of Software and Hardware Security solutions born from our experience in 2018.

Louise Ivan leads growth efforts at the Foundation, with particular focuses on increasing worldwide token access and empowering regional communities.