Stacks Foundation Projects and Objectives: Q4 2021
by Mitchell Cuevas on November 19, 2021
Hey everyone, you know this drill by now, and though it's later than usual (sorry about that!), I'm here to share the Stacks Foundation OKRs for the quarter. We're already hard at work on these (in fact, the team has already knocked some out!) and racing toward a strong finish to an epic 2021.
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As promised, we simplified these to focus on a few key results under each major objective, while capturing important and more specific work separately.
⚡ Objective

❤️ Result

Accelerate broader adoption of core Stacks technology
Key Results:
  • 3,000 smart contracts deployed on mainnet
  • Establish clear method and metric for measuring Stacks repo contribution health on Github
  • Increase overall liquidity on the network for builders by arranging resources needed to create a bridge between Stacks and another major (top 30 market cap) network

Important Related Projects: 
  • Generate 1 new Clarity Hackathon per quarter and 3 partner Hackathons
  • 300 unique repositories on GitHub that contain at least one .clar file
  • Enable language support for Clarity on GitHub.
  • Clarinet is available on all popular package managers, at least one per major operating system. (For example: Homebrew, MacPorts, Winget, APT.)
  • At least one external party is teaching the Clarity Universe course.
  • Identify a Clarity instructor/evangelist for every Stacks Chapter
  • Deliver on an amazing end to end tooling experience: fully functioning IDE plugin, testing suite, and deploying to mainnet, testnet, and mocknet.
  • Increase (by 50%) the number of "follower" nodes in the ecosystem reduce reliance on API across the ecosystem
Accelerate broader access to and holding of the STX asset
Key Results:
  • Increase Stacking 368M STX to 700M STX
  • Grow unique addresses on network by 10% from 367,962 STX addresses
  • $10M of new liquidity in the ecosystem via 3+ partners

Important Related Projects: 
  • Stacking 101 content on how, where, why, explainer videos
  • Educational campaign for large and institutional STX holders to begin Stacking
  • Embed Stacking in a non-exchange app or experience with more than 1M users
  • Stacks embraced or used by household name brand
Empower global community to operate autonomously
Key Results:
  • 80% of chapters have committed to key metrics
  • Support launch of 2 new Stacks Chapters
  • Garner 25 nominations for second the Stacks Resident Program
  • Grow actively rewarded Stacks Advocates to 100
  • NPS score of 9 for Grants program
  • SIP-12 voted on and ratified

Important Related Work:
  • Onboard dedicated Grants Program Manager
  • Secure 2 grant program partnerships that serve to bolster the grantee pipeline
  • Develop a streamlined process for processing grant leads, supporting grantees through their milestones, and recognizing grantee work upon completion
  • Work with Comms Lead to launch weekly grant content
  • Release a "starter kit" for all current and prospective community builders, including better information on accepting STX (accounting/taxes)
  • Explore different payment structures to maximize grantee take-home
  • Onboard first residence program cohort
  • Publish a Stacks Governance roadmap
  • Crate long-term treasury management proposal
Ensure the Stacks Blockchain and key adjacent systems are reliable and able to serve key builders
Key Results:
  • SIP 12 Shipped (solve immediate congestion issues)
  • App Chains have draft SIP
  • No forks deeper than 6 blocks arise on the Stacks blockchain
  • Average number of on-chain sortitions is 80% or higher on canonical chain (increase this by 5% every quarter)
Important Related Work:
  • Ensure 90% uptime for Foundation run seed nodes, BNS subdomain registrar, and testnet miner
  • Support 99% uptime of the Stacks Explorer and Stacks Blockchain API
  • Blockchain point-releases at most every 5 weeks
  • Transaction propagation is no longer a hindrance for getting your transaction mined (proper fee markets, mempool anti-entropy protocol)
Strengthen and amplify the Stacks narrative
Key Results:
  • Consistent STX galaxy LunarCRUSH score at 60
  • Introduce community-managed Stacks roadmap and atlas
  • Establish new flagship industry event around Bitcoin

Important Related Work:
  • Establish a Distribution Support Flow for Builders (Blog, Dedicated Video Reviews, and Social Support)
  • Twitter: Increase social media reach by 100%
  • YT: Establish the channel as an Education Channel about Stacks and Bitcoin
  • Stacks Bitcoin Innovation Virtual Event attracts 5,000 attendees
  • Stacks Events contribute to Q4 Email Growth up by 50%
  • Finalize a new direction for Stacks messaging framework and begin testing new narratives via thought leadership opportunities
  • 3 pieces of evergreen content that demonstrate the technical, financial, and community merits of building on Stacks
  • Amplifying Bitcoin-forward narratives through 3 shareable thought leadership pieces
  • Establish at-least two new distribution channels to help builders successfully introduce their products or services to the mass market.
  • Increase total media relationships in crypto, business, and tech publications by 50%
  • Increase total media mentions on Meltwater by 25%
The team and community continue to grow so it's an exciting time as the scope and scale of what we can accomplish together multiply. We’re honored to be working to support you, this ecosystem, and everything it stands for.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about these updates, want to get involved, or just want to say hello.
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Mitchell Cuevas leads growth and marketing efforts at Stacks Foundation. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.