MoonPay Just Made It Even Easier To Buy and Use Stacks (STX)
by Mitchell Cuevas on March 30, 2022
“More wins. More success.”

The oft-repeated phrase by DJ Khaled, one of many celebrities MoonPay has recently helped usher into an era of crypto and NFTs, is a fitting one for Stackers in 2022. Following the recent announcement of the $165M Bitcoin Odyssey pledge fund for Bitcoin builders, the Stacks community gets more good news as MoonPay, the leading fiat onramp for crypto is now supporting Stacks (STX).

With over 5M customers, MoonPay, with its widgets and APIs, as well as its newer NFT Checkout, is making Web 3.0 more accessible well beyond DJ Khaled and his celebrity friends. As Bitcoin NFTs and Bitcoin DeFi made possible by Stacks continue to grow, seamless, straightforward, user-friendly access to the asset is a major key. One of our primary objectives here at the Stacks Foundation is to make STX as accessible as possible, so we’re ecstatic to welcome MoonPay to the Stacks Ecosystem and can say they've already been a delight to work with.
MoonPay is the leading fiat onramp for crypto
Thanks to the work that’s already been done, Stacks builders can now tap right into these powerful gateways within their apps using drop-in code snippets and simple API calls. For example, you can see how Hiro has already put this to use in their wallet to bring an easy STX purchase option to US residents!

What’s next?
If you’re a builder you can get in touch with MoonPay and after a simple onboarding process, begin leveraging their products in your apps. If you’d like to be connected, send us an email and we’ll usher you through to our dedicated contacts at MoonPay. For users, expect to find it easier and easier to get Stacks in all your favorite applications.

Give it a try!
Who doesn’t need more Stacks? Give MoonPay a try at

Mitchell Cuevas leads partnership efforts and works to create scalable programming for builders, artists, and entrepreneurs in the Stacks Ecosystem. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.