KYVE Adds Support for the Stacks Blockchain Enabling Access to Decentralized On-Chain Data
by Caitlin Eckvahl on April 20, 2022
Today, KYVE has added support for Stacks alongside other top blockchains including Avalanche, Cosmos, Celo, Solana, and Near. With Stacks now on the roster, developers can access raw data from a wide variety of KYVE-supported blockchains via an API to build out more diverse applications. Through this integration, KYVE will index data on the Stacks blockchain and bring seamless storage and access to fully decentralized on-chain data.

What is KYVE?
KYVE is a decentralized data archiving solution that allows modern blockchains to store and serve data reliably while compressing local databases to reduce network load. Arweave helps KYVE solve the data availability problem, while the KYVE network handles the data validity. This integration will allow KYVE to bridge data from Stacks including both blocks and transactions, permanently and immutably on Arweave.

How to Build Applications using KYVE
KYVE allows to developers to query data from the Stacks chain on their WARP gateway. WARP is a GraphQL endpoint and data indexing gateway that utilizes KYVE pools to allow developers to query any indexed data. The Stacks pool is currently live on testnet and developers can view the documentation and GraphQL playground for querying Stacks data at

To learn more about how to best use the KYVE network for building applications visit:
KYVE Documentation
Caitlin is the Communications Lead at the Stacks Foundation where she provides PR and communications support to Stacks builders. Previously, she worked as a communications consultant at Wachsman where she worked with prominent crypto and blockchain companies including Stacks,, Rarible, Qredo, Value Technology Foundation, Status.IM, Binance Charity, and others.