InfStones Brings Stacking To Institutional Players, Will Offer DIY Stacking Pool Builder
by Mitchell Cuevas on June 30, 2021
InfStones quietly launched Stacking to their clients several cycles ago, bringing the magic of Bitcoin rewards to their institutional clients and some retail holders. The Stacks token is already one of the most held tokens by venture and hedge funds, so we’re thrilled to see more Stacking options coming online for these types of holders.
InfStones is dedicated to bringing down the barriers to connecting with the blockchain, allowing clients to quickly build their applications on a large variety of blockchain networks. Currently, InfStones provides services to institutions such as Binance, imToken, BitGo, Circle, and many other leading enterprises around the globe.

Beyond the Stacking service for their clients, the InfStones team was also eager to contribute to the Stacks ecosystem and will be working alongside us here at the Stacks Foundation and community to design and launch an open-source do-it-yourself Stacking pool manager. When launched, it will make it easy for individuals or businesses to create and manage their own Stacking pools.

We imagine these pools being used in a variety of ways, including by future Stacks Chapters, teams or developers raising funding, charitable efforts, and much more. Like the Stacking option InfStones offers their clients, the tool will work via delegation so pool managers do not need to take custody of their Stackers’ assets at any point.

A concrete product scope has not yet been created, but all suggestions are welcome. Possible features include:
  • Pool landing page with pool specific statistics
  • ‘Campaign’ tools such as limited runs, minimum amount pooled to begin, and more
  • Corporate matching module (i.e. allowing for a person or company to match amounts Stacked in the pool in order to generate more rewards)
  • Customizable pool dynamics, this might give the creator of the pool the ability to do things like:
  • More heavily reward Stackers that Stack longer
  • Manage fees based on participation levels
  • Set reward payout percentages to various parties (say, 80% to Stackers, 20% to a charity, etc.)

We’re thankful to have InfStones deepening their connection with the community and are excited to work with them to build a new Stacking tool that will expand the ways Stacking can be deployed. If you’d like to be involved with work on the Stacking pool manager, please join this Discord channel. Eventually, the project will be open-sourced and direct contributions will be very welcome, but for now, product managers on the InfStones team will take feedback and parse it for their development group.

Happy Stacking!

Mitchell Cuevas leads growth and marketing efforts at Stacks Foundation. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.