Clarity Camp Holiday Hackathon Winners
by Claire Topalian on December 23, 2022
The Clarity Holiday hackathon brought quite a few interesting submissions that highlight unique and useful use cases for building decentralized software with Stacks. All the submissions were great this round, but there were three that were selected as the top projects for their combination of creativity, excellent testing, quality code design, and documentation.

1st place: Votr

Votr took the top spot this hack for its innovative use of NFTs and smart contracts towards solving a real-world, widespread problem. Blockchain technology is all about solving problems and making things more trustworthy and transparent. Votr scored extra points for extensive documentation and complete test coverage, earning it the top spot this hack.

2nd place: Defi-arkadiko-compound

Coming in at a close second, DeFi-arkadiko-compound earned the second place spot this hack for creating something that makes DeFi much easier to use. Taking inspiration from some protocols that exist on Ethereum like Harvest, DeFi-arkadiko-compound took the second spot for using Clarity code to innovate on top of existing open DeFi protocols, improving the UX while taking advantage of DeFi's open access protocols.

3rd place: All or nothing

All or nothing rounds us out in third place for creating very robust Clarity smart contracts and for innovative use of a random number generator, a feature Clarity has a unique ability to assist with using the VRF seed of the current stacks block, as well as having solid tests in place to ensure the contract works as expected.

Thanks to all who participated in the cohort and the hackathon! If you are thinking about where to go next, know that the Stacks Foundation issues grants to eligible project ideas. Below are the top Stacks Critical Bounties that we’re ready to fund today, should a qualified party apply to work on them.

  • Decentralized Mining Pools
  • Clarity Smart-contracts that specifically leverage Stacks 2.1 unlocks (Continuous Stacking, Topping Off, Improved Bridging)
  • Stacks Libraries, SDKs, and associated documentation for Rust, C, GoLang, Java, Python, Clojure
  • Stacks integrations for Dune, Nansen, Token Terminal, and/or other multi-chain on-chain analytics platforms

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