Introducing the Stacks Talent Portal by HireVibes
Fueling the #1 Web 3.0 Project on Bitcoin
by Mitchell Cuevas on April 4, 2022
You asked, HireVibes is delivering.
For the past several months, we’ve been working with the HireVibes team (Stacks Accelerator, Cohort 1) to bring a talent portal online just for the Stacks Ecosystem. Being the #1 Web 3.0 project on Bitcoin means entrepreneurs and developers throughout the community are trying to build and bolster their teams.

Today that gets a lot easier. Meet the Stacks Talent Portal:
How does it work?
If you’re looking for a gig in the ecosystem, you can first check out all the open positions there on the main page. If you don’t see something that’s exactly the right fit, head over to HireVibes and setup your talent profile. Make sure you select ‘Stacks’ in the settings so you show up here on the Stacks Ecosystem board.

If you’re looking to hire, you can check out all the talented jobseekers under ‘Browse Talent’ or you can jump to HireVibes to post a new position.

All new job posts within the Stacks Ecosystem are currently free as they are being sponsored by us here at the Stacks Foundation for approximately 6 months, depending on the usage.

Hire to Earn
HireVibes is pioneering a new ‘’Hire to Earn’’ model whereby each successfully hired candidate earns a commission, on top of their salary, in a cryptocurrency of their choice ($VIBES - HireVibes native token, STX, or BTC). This model attracts top talent to the platform and incentivizes users to represent themselves on the jobs market, instead of using employment agencies that add 20%+ fees to the cost of hiring them.

With that, to drive referrals, users that refer talent on HireVibes or on Stacks Job Board will also earn a crypto commission, making HireVibes one of the most rewarding jobs platforms on the market. To date, close to $100k of crypto rewards have been earned by HireVibes users.

What’s next?
Lot’s of good stuff, including a deeper integration with Stacks. In addition to the Stacks ID integration (you can use your Hiro wallet to login to your account), the native cryptocurrency of the HireVibes ($VIBES) platform will eventually migrate to the Stacks chain. Along the way, the team will improve the app, squash any bugs, and respond to your feedback.

Head over to to get started and always feel free to get in touch with HireVibes should you need support!

Mitchell Cuevas leads partnership efforts and works to create scalable programming for builders, artists, and entrepreneurs in the Stacks Ecosystem. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.