EmpireDAO Opens Doors to Stacks Community in NYC
by Claire Topalian on June 21, 2022
At The Stacks Foundation, we are continuing to look for ways to increase in-person collaboration after seeing the power of in-person events first-hand in the Stacks community.

EmpireDAO's mission is to accelerate the growth of Web3 by helping communities around the world launch spaces for anyone who wants to help build a Web3 community. Now, Stacks community members have access to the flagship EmpireDAO location in NYC as an in-person resource. EmpireDAO serves as a co-working space but will also offer unique amenities like a recording studio, making it a welcoming space for artists and creators as well.

The space aims to enhance relationships in Web3, encouraging builders of all backgrounds to work together, regardless of their experience level in the community.

“EmpireDAO is first and foremost a creator center. We welcome and rely on artists in addition to developers,” says Mike Fraietta of EmpireDAO. “With a shared vision for Web3, centers like EmpireDAO can help us all build together across chains on the path to decentralization.”

Beyond drop-in appointments, EmpireDAO will cater to the artist and creator community by offering residency options as well.

Join the EmpireDAO Discord here.

Interested in learning more about EmpireDAO as an office or event space? Fill out this interest form.

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