Beyond Stacks 2.1: What Are The Next Big Moves For Stacks?
by Mitchell Cuevas on August 17, 2022
As Stacks 2.1 and Subnets from Hiro bring speed, continuous Stacking, and key Clarity improvements online over the next 2-3 quarters, it’s important we come together as a community and decide on the next set of important needs.

These types of decisions are ultimately made through the SIPs process following open discussion and input, eventually making their way through a voting and review stage, and finally, miner acceptance. What we're working toward here is providing the community data and insights to help make the best decisions about where we focus our collective resources.

For our part in this, we’ve begun a two-pronged approach designed to surface some of this initial information for further discussion and to set the table for us to plot our next moves. (Cue the maniacal laughter)
  • 1
    Part 1: Pulse Check
    We’re running a survey among the most active developers and entrepreneurs in the ecosystem so we can start to get a rough picture of the biggest blockers, unlocks, and growth paths, according to the folks using Stacks every day.
  • 2
    Part 2: Open Interviews
    The first survey will set us up to run a series of qualitative sessions with a wide range of folks across the community. Look out for detail about these sessions in October!
At the Stacks Foundation, we’ll be doing two key things with this data:
  1. Sharing it publicly so that other entities can benefit from the insights (expected release in October)
  2. Leveraging the data to set clear priorities for our grants, partnership efforts, and other programming
In short, we’ll do our best to make sure that the most important things are getting addressed in one way or another. We plan to run these priority-guiding surveys on a regular basis going forward. The information, should the community choose to leverage it, can inform everything from SIPs to events and beyond, as well as surface needs that are newer or currently lesser-known.

If you know or are a builder actively working on Stacks project at or near full-time, please email [email protected] or send them the link.

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