November 11th, 2020
Stacks Grants Are In Full Swing!
The Stacks Grants beta is in full swing with over $36,000 of approved funding in USD across 13 proposals!
To showcase the diversity of projects, we hosted the first Stacks Grants Demo Day, featuring grant recipients: Clarc, Gaideo, Risidio and Ryder. Throughout the hour-long presentation, the presenters dug deep into their work and wrapped it up with excited questions from the community.

Learn more about their amazing work below or apply for your own grant.
Gaideo - Steve Hardeman
The current video/social media platforms like YouTube/Facebook all centralize and censor their content. The idea behind this platform is to allow each user to own their videos/pictures wherever they choose to have their Gaia storage.

With support coming in from the community comments, Steve shared details on the project and how its addition to the Stacks Ecosystem will bring more people to Stacks. Learn more.
Ryder - Marvin Janssen
Every person on the internet has their own digital DNA that refers to the unique sequence of data collected and produced over a period of time. This sequence of data is the set of traceable digital activities manifested over the internet. The question is do you own your Digital DNA?

Marvin explained the project and shared an update about his first 10 hardware devices to be used for testing. Watch more.
Risidio Auctions - Mike Cohen & Camiel Van Der Beek
An ambitious plan to build bidding software on Stacks 2.0 that starts with the small, but rapidly growing, marketplace of Digital Collectibles and reaches beyond this to the multi-billion dollar markets in auctions of real world physical assets.

Mike and Camiel ran through a demonstration of how auctions can work using Risidio and how their previous work on loopbomb helped to inform their current project. Click for more.
Clarc - Arto Bendiken
A Clarity compiler for the Ethereum virtual machine; as it stands, Clarity is already available on Blockstack and soon on Arweave as well, and the Ethereum network would be an obvious--and in terms of current user base, no doubt the most important--next evolution.

Arto gave an in-depth walk through of how Clarc can expand the presence of Clarity Smart Contracts from the Stacks chain over to Ethereum, bringing all sorts of new functionalities. Jump in to Arto’s demo.
Overall, the October Stacks Grants Demo day proved to bring the community together around the work of our current recipients. As part of our Stacks Grants beta, we are excited to bring in and fund even more grants (apply here) and continue in our mission of supporting a user-owned internet.
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Ryan Arndt is the Stacks Ecosystem Steward at the Stacks Foundation. He works to empower community members toward collaborative success and to act as an advocate for all types of stakeholders. He tweets at @ry4n155

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