As Decentralized App Usage Surges, DappRadar Wants To Help Users Discover Stacks
by Caitlin Eckvahl on April 27, 2022
DappRadar is an emerging powerhouse when it comes to decentralized application (dapp) related data and discovery. The platform currently tracks almost 10,000 dapps across top chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and NEAR. Today, we’re happy to share they’ve completed the integration of the Stacks chain and can now feature Stacks applications.

A handful of applications have been seeded by the DappRadar team and now developers can submit their own applications for inclusion on the Stacks ranking page. Expect data to be wonky in the short-term as more apps are added and connections are confirmed.

Dapp usage surged in the first part of 2022, with CoinTelegraph noting, while referencing DappRadar’s data, that, “overall growth was impressive, considering that during the quarter, the cryptocurrency sector saw a short-lived bear market, as well as experiencing $1.19 billion in decentralized finance, or DeFi, hacks, and exploits.”

DappRadar gathers information and analytics on dapps and brings it to one place to help users make informed decisions on which dapps they want to use. They do this by directly reading dapp smart contracts and analyzing on-chain activity.

On the user side, this allows for people to use one location to explore trusted data about thousands of dapps across dozens of blockchains, helping them to make informed decisions on what dapps exist and which ones they want to use. For dapp developers, DappRadar servers as a distribution channel for users to discover their dapp and learn more about it. Information tracked by DappRadar includes active users, token volume, and transaction activity.

One of the limitations of this integration is that because the protocol allows for, but doesn’t require a smart contract for all apps, not all applications are visible on the site, just those with a Clarity smart contract. For example, one of the top applications like Blocksurvey, which doesn’t need a contract to operate effectively, is not currently shown. We’re currently exploring with the team possible ways we can work around this and feature applications.

Stacks’ integration with DappRadar unlocks a huge opportunity for dapp developers to feature their dapp with one of the largest dapp listing platforms in the world. We’re thankful to the team at DappRadar and are looking forward to welcoming new users and developers from their community to the world of Stacks.
Caitlin is the Communications Lead at the Stacks Foundation where she provides PR and communications support to Stacks builders. Previously, she worked as a communications consultant at Wachsman where she worked with prominent crypto and blockchain companies including Stacks,, Rarible, Qredo, Value Technology Foundation, Status.IM, Binance Charity, and others.