Lists Stacks (STX) in the US, Globally
by Mitchell Cuevas on July 29, 2021
You can’t get any more ‘OG’ than—the team has been working to bring crypto to the masses for over 10 years. Today, we’re excited to share they’ve added another dimension to that support for Stacks by listing the asset on their Exchange. The listing is now live and includes STX-USDT, STX-USDC and STX-USD pairs. is one of the most established and long running crypto companies that has helped build the foundations of crypto access since the beginning. The Explorer enabled anyone to easily study the blockchain while their API allows companies to build around Bitcoin, while their wallet remains the most popular in the world. Notably, 1/3rd of Bitcoin network transactions are via Without a doubt, Stacks and share a deep commitment to Bitcoin, its position as the foundation for a better internet, and the continued expansion of what’s possible on the network.

At we believe in the revolutionary power of Bitcoin and its promise to empower anyone anywhere to control their own money. [...] We’ve admired the work the Stacks ecosystem has done to develop tooling and infrastructure that extends what is possible on Bitcoin, and are delighted to make the Stacks asset available to our users.

Amadeo Pellicce, Product Manager at users can expect the upgrade to happen automatically; they will not have to do anything in orderto begin depositing, trading, or purchasing STX.

Go to to start trading STX on

Mitchell Cuevas leads growth efforts at Stacks Foundation. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.