Unleashing Bitcoin: Start 2022 By Giving Back
by Mitchell Cuevas on January 3, 2021
2021 brought smart contracts for Bitcoin. 2022 will be defined by further unleashing Bitcoin.

The Stacks community believes in the power and future of Bitcoin and not only wants to extend what's possible via the Stacks network but also wants to ensure the core remains strong. After receiving several requests, we've teamed with XVerse and the Bitcoin Badgers team to put together a special Stacking pool that will benefit Bitcoin Core developers. Anyone Stacking in this pool for Cycle 25 will contribute their BTC rewards to Brink and all the amazing work they do to move Bitcoin forward.
By participating, you will lock your STX for approximately two weeks and the Bitcoin yield generated from them will be sent directly to Brink. The Stacks Foundation never touches your funds and STX never leave your wallet. You will receive a special thank you for participating - learn more.
How to support:
The pool will run for Cycle 25, approximately January ~11th through ~25th, 2022. Participate by Stacking before Cycle 25 begins or by sending BTC at any time.

By sending BTC directly:
If you've been Stacking all year, or are just already tied up for Cycle #25, no worries! You can participate by sending whatever amount of Bitcoin you'd like directly to Brink's reward address:

1MKrNDn9kZSBWpCvYwQr4ZkiR6rcMm2qF7 (view)

By Stacking:
Xverse Mobile Application
Hands down the easiest way to support, simply use the Xverse wallet on your Android or iPhone. Just make sure you have some STX in your wallet and pick the Brink pool! https://www.xverse.app/
In your browser
Our friends, the Bitcoin Badgers, have created a page we're hosting at bitcoinlove.stacks.org so all of you Hiro Web Wallet users can jump into the same pool too! Just jump over to bitcoinlove.stacks.org and input the number of Stacks. Follow the prompts in the Hiro wallet popup to finish your transaction.
Tracking and transparency
Brink has setup a wallet just for this effort, so you can view what's been accumulated at their address using any explorer: 1MKrNDn9kZSBWpCvYwQr4ZkiR6rcMm2qF7
.22 for 2022
We’re thankful to Okcoin, Daemon Technologies, and Hiro PBC, who have already pledged to delegate Stacks to this very special pool or to donate Bitcoin directly. At the Stacks Foundation, we’ll be Stacking 1M STX to kick things off. The recommended donation for organizations is .22 BTC or ~$10,000 USD. For individuals, we just ask you to meet the pool minimum of
Whitelist for ₿NFT
As a special treat for supporting Bitcoin and Brink this holiday season, your wallet address will be whitelisted for an exciting Bitcoin NFT project in 2022.

We're excited to be working with stxnft.com, Fungible Systems, Hiro PBC, and more we'll reveal later, to create a very special, very unique Bitcoin-powered NFT. We’re vetting world-class artists (suggestions?!) to create a series that will recognize those who provably support Bitcoin. Learn more about this effort here.
Will I get my STX back?
STX never leave your wallet. The STX are locked in for Stacking through a delegation call, meaning they don't leave your wallet and they unlock after cycle 25.

How do I get whitelisted for the future NFT effort?
You'll be whitelisted by participating in this Stacking pool with at least 15 STX.

How long will my STX be locked for?
The Pool will run for 1 cycle, about 2 weeks in length, or 2,000 Blocks, and ending at the end of cycle 25 estimated to be around the 25th of January. Follow the cycle here: https://stacking.club/

Can I donate Bitcoin directly to Brink instead?
Yes. You can send Bitcoin to the same address that is being used for stacking: 1MKrNDn9kZSBWpCvYwQr4ZkiR6rcMm2qF7

Can I stack from the desktop wallet?
No. You can only join the pool through the Stacking app or Xverse mobile wallet

What happens to the yield from the STX?
The yield from the Stacking Pool is being donated towards Bitcoin Core Development straight from Stacks consensus mechanism.

How much Bitcoin will the Bitcoin Core Development Fund receive from Stacking?
We won't know until after Cycle 25, but you can track progress throughout.

What's the max amount of STX I can stack?
There is no limit. You are welcome to stack as much STX as you want in order to support Bitcoin Core Development.

When will the Pool close for stacking?
Prior to the Start of Cycle 25, estimated to be around the 7th of Januarary, 2021. At which point you will no longer be able join the pool and be whitelisted for the NFT.

I have STX already stacking can I still take part?
If you are already Stacking you will have to use a new address that isn't currently stacking in order to take part.

Mitchell Cuevas leads various partnership and growth marketing efforts at the Stacks Foundation. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.