Stacks 2.1: Your Guide to Voting
Published by Stacks Foundation Team on November 4, 2022
Stacks 2.1 is right around the corner.

With this upgrade, expect more efficient Bitcoin yield via Stacking, more robust bridges to other networks, more simplicity with how developers can link and trigger interactions between Stacks and Bitcoin, and helpful groundwork for Subnets - which will bring additional speed and scalability to the network once launched.

These upgrades are implemented only with approval through a community-wide vote, where STX holders can participate in deciding the future of the network.

In order for the Stacks 2.1 upgrade to pass, a strong majority of the network must vote ‘Yes on 2.1.’ That is, 80% or more of at least 80 million stacked STX must represent a ‘Yes’ vote AND at least 66% of all EcosystemDAO votes must also be ‘Yes’ votes. If the total vote fails to meet either of these criteria, then the Stacks 2.1 upgrade will simply not pass.

Voting Basics

Voting will take place during Stacking rewards cycles 46 and 47, estimated to begin around November 10, 2022 and end around December 10, 2022.

Depending on a voter’s profile, they have the option of voting using one of three different methods. Two of these methods require that voters are Stacking (either on their own or through a community pool/delegate such as FriedgerPool or Xverse) through cycles 46 and 47, while the third method simply requires that voters have at least 1 liquid STX in a Hiro or Xverse wallet at a specific block height around the start of voting. These methods are summarized below as well as detailed instructions on how to vote with each one.
  • Solo Stackers

    Send a dust BTC transaction.

    Voters who are Stacking on their own must send a dust amount of BTC (~6,000 sats) from their PoX reward address to an address representing a ‘Yes on 2.1’ vote or an address representing a ‘No on 2.1’ vote.

  • Community Pool Stackers

    Send a minimal STX transaction.

    Voters who are Stacking in a community pool must send a minimal amount of STX (~1 uSTX) from their Stacking address to an address representing a ‘Yes on 2.1’ vote or an address representing a ‘No on 2.1’ vote.

  • Exchange Stackers and Non-Stackers

    Use your STX balance to represent your vote. Voters who are Stacking via an exchange or not Stacking at all, and have a STX balance below the Stacking minimum, must connect their wallets (Stacks wallets, **not** exchange accounts) to EcosystemDAO and use the amount of STX in their wallet to represent a ‘Yes on 2.1’ vote or a ‘No on 2.1’ vote. Note that your STX balance is not spent, but simply used to represent a vote. Only a minimal amount of STX will be used to cover the gas fees.

To learn more about who can vote, how votes are evaluated, and what happens if the vote meets or falls short of its threshold, please see the detailed FAQ below.

How to Vote

Claim your voting badge!

Stacks 2.1 voters will be eligible to claim a unique ‘Voted’ badge to celebrate their participation in this crucial network-wide decision. Simply navigate to this page, connect a wallet containing NFTs, and select a voter badge to lay on top of your favorite NFT. We recommend that all voters proudly display their badges on their pfps on Twitter, Discord, and elsewhere to encourage others in the community to vote.


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