It's Official: The Stacks 2.1 Upgrade is Approved
Published by Stacks Foundation Team on December 16, 2022
Votes are in and it’s official: the Stacks 2.1 upgrade is approved! This upgrade includes new functions and improvements that make the Stacks Bitcoin layer more powerful and more useful. Below, we've recapped what you can expect in terms of the remaining rollout process, a breakdown of the voting results, and resources to help you stay up to date.

What to expect now

Currently (as of 3pm ET on December 16th), the code for 2.1 is in the process of being merged. Shortly after, Release Candidate binaries will be made available (likely within the next few hours). As miners start to adopt, the upgrade will go live on the network. Miners normally upgrade their software within a few days, but sometimes it can take longer.

January 17th: Pox-2 contract activates
Last but not least, the new rules related to Stacking go live on January 17th. This specific part of activation was placed approximately one month out from Stacks 2.1 going live to provide integration partners time update their Stacking products.

What do I do next?
Many, probably most, users won't have to do anything! Many exchange or custodial solutions are not planning to make users do anything to remain Stacking, but you should look for communications from them directly. If you're Stacking solo or in a community pool, your Stacks will come unlocked in one of the next cycles as the switch to the new PoX contract gets closer. You'll then be able to re-Stack. Talk to your pool provider of choice for specific instructions and timing.

If you're a miner, developer, builder, or other integration partner, you may still have some work ahead of you. Your options and resources are outlined on our helpdesk here and you can get in touch if you get stuck.

The voting breakdown

Below is a quick look at voting results. A complete overview of voting results is publicly available here.

According to the voting criteria, in order for 2.1 to pass, a valid vote would require that:

  1. At least 80 million Stacked STX were used to vote
  2. At least 80% of those STX were used to vote "Yes on 2.1"
  3. At least 66% of liquid STX (EcosystemDAO) were used to vote "Yes on 2.1"


  • 1
    Stacking Solo: 100% voted 'Yes'
    Total voting power is 135,287,693 with votes cast from 36 accounts.
  • 2
    Stacking in a Pool: 99.9% voted 'Yes'
    Total voting power is 6,179,263 with votes cast from 178 accounts.
  • 3
    Liquid STX Balance: 79.33% voted 'Yes'
    Total voting power is 772,373 with votes cast from 267 accounts.

Other vote statistics:

  • Total number of STX used to vote = 142,239,429
  • Total voting power for those in favor of 2.1 = 142,073,813 STX
  • Total voting power against 2.1 = 165,516 STX
  • 474 accounts voted "Yes on 2.1" with 7 accounts voting "No on 2.1"

Recap: What Stacks 2.1 Enables

  • Stacking Improvements
  • New Clarity Functions for Parsing and Validating Data
  • Better Bridges
  • Decentralized Mining Pools
  • Pay-to-Anyone Coinbase
  • Mining with Segwit and Taproot
  • Bitcoin-native Assets and Smart Contract Control

Check out our 2.1 intro post here for a thorough breakdown.

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