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September 27, 2021
100K STX Limited Edition Boomboxes NFT Giveaway
by Louise Ivan and Jasper Bower on September 27, 2021
NFTs are more than just digital art. ☝️ It creates opportunities for new business models that didn't exist before. Enter Boomboxes, a Fixed Income NFT minted on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin. To celebrate the growing NFT community with the Stacks ecosystem, the Stacks Foundation is proud to announce our first NFT giveaway in collaboration with the Boom Team.
How does Boombox work with Stacks?

Boombox is a new generation of NFTs which incorporates Stacks consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Transfer. In a nutshell, Proof-of-Transfer is a new take on consensus, allowing for a Proof-of-Work chain (in this case, Bitcoin) to be leveraged and extended in meaningful new ways. Think of it as an additional utility added to Bitcoin's already well-established Proof-of-Work blockchain. With Proof-of-Transfer, miners are not converting electricity into computing power to earn block rewards. Instead, they transfer Bitcoin to holders of the Stacks Tokens (STX), through a process called Stacking. This means Stacks NFTs harness Bitcoin’s PoW without increasing its environmental impact. Now, all Stacks transactions settle on Bitcoin, enabling it to benefit from Bitcoin's decentralization and in turn Bitcoin’s security. In other words, NFTs are minted on Stacks but secured by Bitcoin. With every Bitcoin block mined, Stacks transactions are batched, hashed, and recorded on Bitcoin’s blockchain, enabling the receipt of Stacks blocks to be embedded in every Bitcoin block.

Boomboxes allow users to mint an NFT and choose any amount of STX to delegate for a Stacking cycle. At the end of the selected cycle, the STX address holding the Boombox NFT receives the proportional yield from Stacking. We know this might get a little complicated, so here's a quick infographic detailing the entire process:
Okay, we will stop here and move to our main agenda. For this NFT drop, we have minted (3) Limited Edition Boomboxes, each delegated with 100,000 STX and a special artwork that comes with it. To make this more exciting see these on-chain transactions and the Limited Edition Boombox NFT below.

Stacks Foundation x Boom Limited Edition NFT 1
Stacks Foundation x Boom Limited Edition NFT 2
Stacks Foundation x Boom Limited Edition NFT 3

It's easy and straightforward, you have one-to-many options.

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Enter by 12:00PM 8th October 2021 CET. You can complete all the entry options to increase your chances in the random drawing. Use the Gleam embed below and follow the instructions to log your entry, winners will be drawn and contacted through the system.

Brought to you by the Stacks Foundation, Boom, & Friedger Pool with special thanks to our community partner DeSpread, ICOPantera, and Bukon. See this Reddit thread for FAQs.
Louise Ivan
Growth Lead
Jasper Bower
Community Support