Advocates DAO
The Stacks Advocates DAO advocates for education, implementation, and optimization of the Stacks ecosystem. Today, the Advocates DAO is a fertile space for experimenting with commons and governance systems and the intersections between the two.
Community Grants
Grants fund infrastructure development, tools, research, education, & other initiatives that enable growth of the Stacks Ecosystem.
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Stacks Residents
The Residency Program fuels subject matter experts to take on open-ended research, experimentation, and other long-term project.
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Recent Grant Recipients

The Grants Program funds builders and developers who are creating developer tools, community resources, applications, and research that grow the Stacks Ecosystem and serve the Stacks community.

Ryder is an innovative hardware wallets that lets you own your digital DNA. Ryder stores cryptocurrencies in addition to identities, a total replacement for all crypto-related operations.
DeFi on Bitcoin. Arkadiko is an open-source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for minting stablecoins, earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets on Stacks.
StackerDAOs will be a platform for NFT projects seeking to form a DAO to harness stacking yields in order to fund causes the DAO cares about
Stacks Residents
Jonathon Hammond
As the Technical Documentation Lead, Jonathon will be supporting two key areas: 1) the separation of Hiro docs from ecosystem docs and 2) implementing a culture and process by which the community manages, contributes, and maintains shared documentation going forward.
6 months
Dan Trevino & Amr Elghobary (aka Boom Crypto)
Boom is bringing new depth to the creator-to-supporter relationship through novel NFT utility and fundraising mechanics. From minting to collecting, we're pushing the boundaries of this decentralized artistic medium to ensure that all people, not just current crypto users, remain at the center of the next wave of innovation. All on the Stacks blockchain, secured by Bitcoin.
12 months
Thomas Osmonson & Jasper Jansz (aka Fungible Systems)
Thomas and Jasper will be focused on turning into a comprehensive suite of tools for all things related to Stacking. Their work will enable community members to launch pools, create custom Stacking data dashboards, and connect to new Stacking related services their team is currently exploring.
6-12 months
Drew Falkman & David Collier (aka Escape Labs)
Escape Labs will be researching and building a platform for managing token communities. The platform would enable unique features like wallet integration, rewards and reputation management, airdrops, and DAO functionality, all via a simple Discord plugin and eventually, hosted SaaS tools.
6 months
Mohamed Huzayen, Harold Davis, Ryeder & Juliet Oberding
(aka Stacks Governance R&D Lab)
The Stacks Governance Lab will be laying the foundation for critical governance mechanisms such as off-chain decision-making within the Stacks community. Through their work the with Advocates Program, they’ll also be exploring and building out tools for launching and managing DAOs as well as distributing community rewards.
12 months
About The Program
The Grants Program funds builders who further the mission of establishing a user owned internet by creating developer tools, community resources, and applications powered by the Stacks blockchain.
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